Our Story

“Live your best life”.  These four simple words are more than a popular hashtag on social media posts.  It’s a reminder to live a life that is best for you.  That may look a bit different for everyone, but for our family it is the quiet, simple life on a farm in northeast Oklahoma.  For us, the best life, is farm life. 

Isn’t it understandable why farmhouse décor has become so popular?  It combines warmth and comfort while mixing practical elements of today with salvaged materials of yesterday.  Not to mention it's versatility by blending well with other styles such as traditional, industrial, and country chic. 

Our goal is to bring you the perfect accents for your home through the latest trends in farmhouse décor including beautifully hand-crafted items from local artists.  You’ll also find self-pampering items to help care for you in our “Just for You” collection.  Be sure to browse our “Sustainable” collection for useful, practical items that lessen the impact on the environment. 

Thank you for supporting our lil’ shop in northeast Oklahoma.

May God bless you and your home,